Sedona Spring Blossoms

Plum Tree Lifestyles of Arizona

While most people are still shoveling snow in many parts of the US, February brings spring to Sedona.  Plum tree blossoms later yield small plums.

Lilacs & Iris Lifestyles of Arizona

By March, the lilacs and Iris are in full bloom

Iris Lifestyles of Arizona iris Lifestyles of Arizona

Jasmine Lifestyles of Arizona

The scent of Jasmine permeates the air until the higher, dryer temperatures of June.

rose Lifestyles of Arizona


Roses bloom bloom 6-7 months a year.  Strawberries grown easily.

Iris grow wild.  Marigolds keep the mosquitos away.  Jasmine fills the air…

Geraniums flourish during the spring and summer.

Spring brings blossoms, scents, hiking, outings, and events to Sedona.

Make Sedona your home.

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