Sedona’s Summer Monsoon

Summer in Sedona is magnificent!  From the microbursts, to the lightening displays, to cool breezes…

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While many visitors skip Sedona during the summer months, we locals enjoy the lack of traffic, the ability to get into any restaurant without a reservation, the hiking trails with few hikers, and a chance to spend time with our neighbors just communing in the neighborhood.

When the season changes to fall, we welcome back the many visitors who want to share the wonderful lifestyle that we locals have cultivated.

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Fresh fall smells, cool breezes, every fall color you can imagine…  The season begins with dinner parties and getting together with neighbors who have been away.  Because most Sedonans are very volunteer conscious, the meetings begin, the Meals on Wheels deliveries continue, the work at the Humane Society of Sedona goes into full swing, the artists are back in residence, the events begin and soon it’s Halloween on Main Street in Sedona.  Hiking at West Fork is for locals and visitors alike.  We renew in the fall.  As November cools into winter, Thanksgiving becomes a time for family and friends.  Christmas season is robust with entertaining, events, and family.

Finding a home in Sedona is worth the effort.  The lifestyle is small town and friendly.

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