Verde Villages POA

Verde Village Property Owner Association
Cottonwood, Arizona
Residents: 4,000+

Voluntary Association: $40/yr

President: June Hayes

Verde Village is a development that surrounds much of the business area of West Cottonwood. Home Depot, Walmart, Frys, many restaurants, a car dealership, school.

Prices range from under $100,000 to a recent sale of $345,000 over the last 6 months.

One issue: Can a voluntary Association charge any non-member a fee or a fine.

Our agents at Lifestyles of Arizona LLC make the following disclosure until the Courts have a chance to review the position of a voluntary Association charging non-members fees or fines.

Under Arizona Statutes, there is no “voluntary” in Association.

“Q: What if the Association is voluntary?

If the association and related association dues are voluntary, the HOA Addendum is not required. There are voluntary associations that do not fall within the statutory definition of a planned community association because they do not own or operate portions of the planned community. Arizona statutes only regulate planned community associations that fall within the following definition: ‘a nonprofit corporation or unincorporated association of owners that is created pursuant to a declaration to own and operate portions of a planned community and that has the power under the declaration to assess association members to pay the costs and expenses incurred in the performance of the association’s obligations under the declaration.’

Some of these voluntary associations are formed for the purpose of enforcing the CC&Rs or deed restrictions recorded against the property. Thus, the Seller should disclose the existence of a voluntary association to the prospective buyer.”

VVPOA pool


Kathy Howe, Broker/Owner

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